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Making Art Until Somone Dies

Making Art Until Somone Dies

I don’t care if my posts are known or now. But in real numbers, I doubt that there are many of the world’s population reading this blog. Yes, I am Art Bell and I really care about all the bullshit people like you (completely suspicious a.k.a., completely stupid) are posting here. “This Art Bell thing is totally unimportant.” I disagree. Ramona’s death and the mail-order child bride fall into the gray area of legality.

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  • Then he move out west but he was never the same .
  • It is also sad when people sell their soul to kiss the behind of a celebrity, just because they are somebody famous.
  • Don’t you think most of us would make every possible effort NOT to smoke around our mate?
  • She had heart problems, but we weren’t told she had so little of a chance to survive… This happened 5 days ago.
  • I personally don’t think you were wrong in feeling bad.

No help she’s just like them it’s pathetic. I know they have hurt me terribly but I know they will have their trials and tribulations. I am all alone and they know that. In answer to your question,the other places are censored and only let people post who will not post anything in a negative light regarding Art Bell or his friend Carl.

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I don’t know how we would have gotten through the pain of losing a child without His comfort. Granted there ARE some things folks should not say…like “this happened for a reason”. It happens because it is as much a part of life as breathing. And I’ve heard some pretty senseless things said…like God NEEDING someone in Heaven… God knows our days…and He knows our pain. In the end, it is not so much what we say as simply being there. Purposing to pray continually for that person.

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The rent alone is nearly 3x that! This comes after my youngest had been expressing a constant dislike for my bf for a year and repeated “talks” with her trying to convince me to leave him. Now they have aligned and, although I have attempted to make amends, I feel intense betrayal and residual anger toward them both. My youngest even told me my own mother said she should abandon me and that my mother was “not happy” with me.

Even Jesus Christ knew when to knock the dust off his shoes, and leave people to their own devices. It’s time to clean your shoes off………. All three of our dogs passed within one month of each other after John passed. I just try to get by one minute, hour, day at a time.

This fits in well with the con man comment of stressing one’s honesty when it doesn’t exist. Ramona’s Mom did get to visit with her daughter 5 days before she died as per the Art Bell New Years Eve webcam picture at the top of this page. As was mentioned above, funeral arrangements — such as the casket and flowers — are very elaborate, since what occurs at the funeral is considered a reflection of the deceased’s life. The funeral itself is a long procession on foot , with participants singing parts of prayers all the way to the cemetery. Many times family will say in lieu of flowers send money to such and such an organization. TartarControl, my hat is off to you as well.

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She and I weren’t friends, but we used to have an OK relationship that deteriorated over time. After her mom died 2 years ago, she became openly hostile towards me after that. I don’t know why; I’ve always been nice to her. My brother had tried to kill me more times than I can count on 2 hands. But mom kept protecting him saying it was all my fault.

I must say at first cohabitation wasn’t that bad and I think for a time I actually liked him. Gradually, I understood he wasn’t a healthy person either. My sister, who is 6 years older than me, had huge clashes with him when she came home, about how he was and treated my mother.

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